Best of Austrian Cuisine

Best of Austrian Cuisine

Written by Elisabeth Mayer-Browne

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ISBN: 9780781808847
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Pages: 230

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Austrian cuisine consists of rich, satisfying dishes: roasted meats in cream sauces, hearty soups and stews, tasty dumplings, warm and cold salads, and of course, the pastries and cakes that remain Vienna’s trademark. This cookbook provides a comprehensive guide to Austrian desserts, including six recipes for strudel, twenty recipes for gateaux, and many other sweet-tooth favorites.

Elisabeth Mayer-Browne takes an engaging, conversational approach to her art, with common sense advice about preparing, serving, and even improvising. The Best of Austrian Cuisine, a classic title originally published in Austria, includes nearly 200 recipes for traditional family favorites and interesting variations, as well as menus for everyday meals and holidays. Now expanded to include a chapter on Austrian wines.