Christmas in Norway (DVD)

Written by Astrid Karlsen Scott

Retail: $29.95 DVD Award Winner
ISBN: 1879498146
Dimensions: DVD

Award of Excellence Recipient, Film Advisory Board, Hollywood, CA, Astrid Karlsen Scott, Director/Producer

Come to Norway for Christmas. Yes, Norway! A land where ancient customs and folklore blend with Christian traditions and faith.

Astrid Karlsen Scott, a Norwegian American author, takes you on an unforgettable Christmas tour of Norway sharing the fascinating traditions of her noble homeland.

Experience the legendary warmth and light-heartedness of the Norwegians as they share their JULEKOS (Christmas coziness) in their homes. Enjoy an Advent afternoon at a 400 year old SETER (Summer mountain foarm), and delectable lutefisk at Continental Hotel in Oslo. Meet the famed, mischievous and kind NISSE (Christmas Elf). Thrill to the Nidaros Cathedral Boys Choir in Trondheim. Participate in sleigh rides, Christmas Festivals, singing around the Christmas tree and a reenactment of a Christmas Eve in Lillesand in the 1800s. Yes, come to Norway and fill your senses with the magic of a Norwegian Christmas.

Filmed on locations throughout Norway. A must for your Christmas home video library.