Cooking Norway Style: Christmas Foods (DVD)

Written by Astrid Karlsen Scott

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Pages: DVD

In this 55-minute video, Norwegian-American Astrid Karlsen Scott takes you to Norway to share her homeland's traditional Christmas foods. This video teaches you how to prepare many of the dishes Norwegians consider vital to their Christmas.

Filmed on location in Norway at the Nutrition and Home Economics Department at Tine (Norwegian Dairy Association), Oslo, Fossheim Hotel, Lom-with Arne Brimi's famous Julebord (Christmas Buffet), and more.

Award of Excellence Recipient, Film Advisory Board, Hollywood, California, Astrid Karlsen Scott, Director/Producer

Recipes include:

-Christmas Bread – Julecake

-Sour Cream Porridge – Rommegrot, prepared by Norway's Nature Chef, Arne Brimi

-Rice Porridge – Risgrot

-Rice Cream – Riskrem

-Caramel Pudding – Karamellpudding

-Cloudberry Cream – Moltekrem

-Oatmeal Crackers – Havrekjeks

-Various Herring Dishes – Sildretter and much more!