Happy New Year, 1999! Goodbye 1998!

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One more year celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of Penfield Press, and we will face the unknowns of the 21st century. Who would have thought we could reach the hundreds of people each month who find our web site world-wide? A friend of our daughter, Josie Bourret Heskje, suggested it would enhance Letters from Joan to see what in the world Joan looks like. Here is a sampler of recent images of Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret, publisher of Penfield Press, which was founded in 1979. 

Joan and the Pink Elephant at Marquette, Iowa early 1990s, taken by her late husband John Zug, while Joan was collecting photographs and information for the book Joyful Nordic Humor, featuring Scandinavians ($12.95). Later this elephant was painted to look like a Holstein cow and Joan?s husband Dwayne Bourret photographed her with the “elephant cow.” We will share that image next month. We thought the photograph hilarious, but none of the press picked up on using it. Please let us know what you think of Joan?s Land?s End suit to match the pink elephant. She purchased the outfit with three separate orders: blouse, jacket and then skirt before realizing she wanted to wear them for this photograph. 

Joan holding a few books as she applies to attend a publisher?s seminar at Stanford University in 1995, after the death of her husband John, a writer and editor. 

Joan and her husband Dwayne Bourret following their marriage June 26, 1996 at the campus Lutheran Chapel in Iowa City, Iowa. Since then Joan and Dwayne have visited the Czech and Slovak Republics, taking photographs for a 1999 spring release, Czech and Slovak Touches; Arizona for the new stocking stuffer License To Cook Arizona Style, compiled by Dianna Stevens; and Alaska for License To Cook Alaskan Style. They helped promote the Penfield Press release for Caribbean Innocents, by Patricia Fischer by visiting the island of Bequia in February 1998. 

Look for information about ordering digitally printed photographs from our books, postcards, and notepaper with original prints of the Czech Republic and of the Grenadines soon on this web site. We hope everyone has a wonderful year closing down the 20th century. 

Joan and Dwayne