June 1999

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Dear Friends, 

We have enjoyed messages from our site for orders, catalogs, queries from authors. We have been busy editing the new book German Regional Regional Recipes ($14.95) by Helga Hughes, which should go to press mid-July. Next is the release of Grant Wood and Little Sister Nan ($14.95), by Julie Jensen McDonald,about the artist who painted the world-famous American Gothic, and his model. When Nan said she would like to be an artist too, she was told to learn to type and that one artist per family was enough. Nan graduated from business college in the 1920s. Her life with her husband, Edward, is a tobacco road story of Midwesterners to California. When Grant died, she inherited enough money to live graciously from 1942 until her death in the early 1990s. Nan’s face and that of the family dentist, Dr. Byron McKeeby, the man with the pitchfork, have been parodied thousands of times. Nan served as an archivist for Grant Wood for the decade before his death and for the rest of her life making 18 scrapbooks. 

After these books go to press, I will concentrate on compiling the photographs I have taken for over 40 years of the Amana Colonies of Iowa for a book and an exhibition: Photo Journey to Amana. The exhibit will have both black and white and archival digital color prints. 

I am also working on another book which will be a compilation of my nature and scenic shots of Iowa. 

Best wishes from all of us at Penfield Press for a great summer in 1999. 

Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret
Photographer and publisher