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Dear Friends,
This has been a busy year selecting the best of the photography by my son David B. Heusinkveld. After my grandson, Jordan, was killed six years ago, and David was severely injured in the same crash, he almost by chance became a wonderful nature photographer. See his essay under David B. Heusinkveld soon on our home page about finding frozen lilies in the Amana Lily Lake. Since then, he has taken hundreds of beautiful photographs in the Amana Colonies of Iowa and Voyageur National Park in Northern Minnesota.
   The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art will mount a Mother-Son exhibition of our nature pictures in spring 2011. In August, the exhibit of David’s work will move for exhibition at Kirkwood Community College.
    The B. in David’s middle name stands for Bennett. Dr. Bennett, who posed for Grant Wood’s lithograph of Doctor’s hands, was the Heusinkveld family physician when David’s father, Arthur, was a child. He never charged Arthur’s mother, Ruby, a widow, for his services.
   We now have available photographic magnets and magnetic bookmarks of our photographs. They include David’s scenes in Amana, and Minnesota, including 4 adorable bear cubs and others primarily of flowers. My magnet images include two in Amana, one of The Eighth Day God Created Iowa sign at the 1982 Rosebowl game, and others from the Czech Republic and Norway. Also, featured in a magnet and a magnetic bookmark is a lovely painting of German folk art by the late Helen Blanck. This folk art graces the cover of the Penfield book, German Proverbs. We are excited about creating magnets and plan a new release soon of magnets with proverb sayings. We will also release reprints of Czech Proverbs and Czechoslovak Wit and Wisdom with new covers and an entirely new title, Czechs Forever, a biographical book with essays. Compiled by Robert S. Wachal.