October 2010

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Dear Friends,
   With all the changes in the printing industry, the greatest since Guttenberg invented movable type about 500 years ago, we have explored in depth how to best handle publication of books both as a book to hold in your hands and as an electronic book to read on a machine. We are publishing both ways. We are also bringing back in print, books that we let go out of print a decade and more ago such as Julie Jensen McDonald’s award winning Scandinavian Proverbs. This title however will become an expanded version: Scandinavian Proverbs and Quotations.
   We found the quotations from famous Czech personalities so charming in our new release Czechs Forever that we are wanting these words of wisdom and insight in more of our books. Voices from the past often have new meanings today.
   We are offering our knowledge and recommendations to any authors and others who need our guidance on where to go for the best quality, but reasonable printing in the U. S. A. and who can help with e-books. We are here to help.
Call Joan, Deb or John at 1-800-728-9998.