Amana: The Community of True Inspiration

Written by Bertha Shambaugh

Retail: $19.95
ISBN: 9781572160798
Dimensions: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches
Pages: 424

The sincerity of Bertha Shambaugh’s thoughts approaches a poetical charm and quality that has not been equaled or duplicated by any other writings about Amana.

This rare book tells about life in the Amana Colonies in Iowa at the turn of the century. A warm, accurate account, it is the only one of its kind, written during the religious-communal era of the Amana people. This is a facsimile of the 1908 book with new additions (photographs and articles).

This book is published in cooperation with the Museum of Amana History and the State Historical Society of Iowa.  This book is back in print with new pictures added throughout the book. Articles added at the end of the book include, “The Life of Bertha Shambaugh” by Mary Bennett, Archivist, State Historical Society of Iowa, and an epilogue by Lanny Haldy, Executive Director, Amana Heritage Society.