Decorative Czech Folk Art: The Artistry of Marjorie Nejdl

Written by Marjorie Nejdl and Pat Martin

Retail: $12.99
ISBN: 978-1729306352
Dimensions: 8-1/2 x 11 inches
Pages: 40

Everyone belongs to a folk culture. Whether that culture is social, family, culinary, or religious, and we want our traditions to continue to influence, we acknowledge them through display or use. Decorative Czech Folk Art: The Artistry of Marjorie Nejdl celebrates the traditions, symbols, skills, products, and practices of ornamental Czech folk art.
Decorative eggs were believed to have special powers. Eggs told stories and were signs of good wishes. Meanings of symbols are important and they evolve. Marj is nationally known for her batik (wax resist) Czech egg decorating. In this book, Marj shares more than forty images of vibrant and colorful eggshells as well as a basic “how to” section. Distinguished as a Master Czech Folk Artist, Marj paints folk art motifs, or recurrent ideas, images, and symbols on everything from cookbooks, programs, and posters, to fabric, glass, ceramic, and wood. She also illustrates Czech literature. Her artistry on these other mediums is also presented in this book.
For more than forty-six years, Marj has taught batik egg decorating classes, first locally in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area and then nationally. She has decorated eggs for numerous dignitaries. Her biography as an artist is included in this publication.
Whether it is a recipe, ornamental or functional attire, or literary or musical composition, tradition bearers need “patterns” for study and practice. If others want to understand or create traditional Czech designs or lines, this book will show examples for study and practice. The collection of decorative Czech folk art in this book will be a guide as well as an inspiration for those of all folk cultures. This book will be a treasure for the whole family to enjoy.
Co-authors Marjorie Nejdl and Pat Martin have been friends for more than forty years. Both enjoy endeavors acknowledging the Czech culture: Marj through her art and Czech organization involvements, and Pat through her books that interpret and preserve the Czech culture. Keep it alive!