Favorite Swedish Stories of Hasse Z

Written by Hans Harald Zetterström and Translated by Paul Goldsman

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ISBN: 9781932043860
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Pages: 50

This collection contains thirteen short stories by Swedish humorist Hans Harald Zetterström (1877–1946), also known as “Hasse Z.” Hasse Z was among the most influential figures in Swedish humor in the first half of the twentieth century. His stories, inspired by his daily life in and around his native Stockholm and its beautiful archipelago, contain both slapstick and dry humor. The stories in this collection were originally published in Sweden between 1915 and 1930. They tell tales of people’s attachments to unusual animals such as goldfish, tree frogs, and pigs; the misuse of a jump rope by an overweight man; the release of a horsefly upon an unsuspecting woman; the freedom associated with the theft of apples; and other humorous and peculiar topics. These stories give a glimpse into the humor of a past era and make for a light and charming read.