From Country to Country: An Agricultural Ambassador Abroad

Written by Charles Garver

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ISBN: 9781482735314
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: 124

From Country to Country is the story of one American’s quest to share the experiences of his life and work with young people and rural families in low-income countries and developing democracies.

From Hungary in 1992 to the Ukraine in 2005, author Charles I. Garver volunteered his expertise in land management. marketing integration, and the U.S. Federal Land Bank and Farm Credit System, as an adviser and promoter of land policy and privatization as former Soviet-bloc countries moved toward independence and democracy.

Garver also describes the powerful impact of NGOs (non-government organizations) during the final years of the twentieth century. Garver’s account includes a look at his love of family and his agricultural career in Maryland and Iowa, a narrative that carries the reader from the depths of the Depression to the pinnacle of American economic power.

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