Growing Up Lutheran: What Does This Mean?

Written by Janet Martin

Retail: $15.95
ISBN: 1886627053
Dimensions: 6x9 inches
Pages: 229

This book is an autobiography of our “Growing Up Lutheran” remembrances. We both speak at hundreds of Lutheran churches of various synods throughout the nation each year, and countless Lutherans have related their endearing, often hilarious, stories. Many of those stories, and many related pictures, are included in this book and help capture the “Lutheran Experience.”
By combining our memories and pictures with those of other Lutherans who grew up in the 40s through the 60s, our book is like an old-fashioned Lutheran church basement hotdish. We have put together a mixture of ingredients that we had on hand, generously salted it with gentle humor, and lightly peppered it with quite a few hot granules of Lutheran theology.
This is most certainly true.

Growing Up Rural, You Smell Barn is another book written by the same authors.

Update: Church Basement Ladies is a musical comedy based on this book. The story is about the ladies that work in the church basement cooking meals for church functions. The musical is inspired by this humorous book. Janet and Suzann have written numerous other works, and have performed together as “Those Lutheran Ladies” around the country. Their lives and writings have inspired five additional Church Basement Ladies’ musicals.