Gunnar’s Daughter

Written by Sigrid Undset

Retail: $16.00
ISBN: 9780141180205
Dimensions: 5x8 inches
Pages: 162

Set in Norway and Iceland at the beginning of the eleventh century, this is the story of the beautiful, spoiled Vigdis Gunnarsdatter, who is casually raped by the man she had wanted to love. A woman of courage and intelligence, Vigdis is toughened by adversity. Alone she rebuilds her life and restores her family’s honor, until an unrelenting social code propels her to take the action that again destroys her happiness. More than a historical romance, Gunnar’s Daughter depicts characters driven by passion and vengefulness, themes as familiar in Undsets own time-and in ours-as they were in the Saga Age. -X