Helga Hanson’s Hotflash Handbook

Written by Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret

Retail: $4.95
ISBN: 9781932043617
Dimensions: 6x9 inches
Pages: 112

May navigates the issues she has faced during the first year. May’s engaging tales include:

Life in her new family
The proposition from Gus, a Poodle lover
Dog park politics and May’s way of coping
People who sleep with their dogs
May’s photographic fashion portfolio
Laughter yoga for dogs, May’s new career
A sampling of recipes for dog treats

May says…
Because my mother was a full-blooded Lab instead of a Doodle, and my dad was a Labradoodle (half Lab, half French Poodle) my siblings and I were rescued Labradoodle rejects. For this reason, I am offering sales of my autobiography, Finding My Way, to fundraising groups for shelters and institutions helpful to needy animals, particularly dogs. I am not intimately acquainted with cats.
When I was almost grown, a French poodle, Gus, in Illinois, offered to woo me. I was seriously considering his offer. We exchanged photographs. Then Gus made a fatal mistake. He sent me photographs of octomom, Olive, nursing his puppies. I immediately scheduled a hysterectomy. I am certain many American women have had both experiences: an unfaithful mate and fixing.
Find out how I handle being rejected by the Weimaraners Syndicate and my next brave new career move. I offer my new book to you, with 116 photographs, mostly in color.

Read the press release here: Finding My Way
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Thank you so much for sending me copies of Finding My Way. I thought it was wonderful. It was nice to be introduced to May’s friends. You can let May know that yes, Olive is allowed to sleep in the bed with her human sister Kayla and yes, Riley is allowed to sleep with her parents too. I’ll be sure to share it with others.
Thank you again,

Robin (Octomom Olive’s owner)

The first year for a dog is the most important to its development. “Finding My Way” is the charming story of May, a Labradoodle who joined a caring family. Written from the perspective of the dog, “Finding My Way” provides a charming story that readers will love and relish for hours. Enhanced with full color photos, “Finding My Way” is well worth the consideration.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review

I have started to read the book on May and being the animal lover (and rescued dog advocate) that I am, I can’t stop. It’s so endearing. I hope I can meet the little darling sometime. -Barb