Laugh Your Way There (CD)

Written by Laughing Laura

Retail: $14.95
ISBN: 6041365124

Say goodbye to stress on the road with this spoken word CD by Laughing Laura Gentry. Laugh your way to health and happiness as you drive or ride your daily commute.

Using the principles of Laughter Yoga, a worldwide movement initiated by Dr. Madan Kataria of India, you'll laugh, cheer, do deep breathing, positive affirmations, happy chants, and more, thereby transforming your commute into an exercise for mind, body, and spirit.

Each exercise of this 23-minute workout is introduced by Laughing Laura and demonstrated by a group of zealous laughers making it easy to join in. Laugh Your Way There — the only product of its kind delivers big fun!

Laugh Your Way There
Audio CD (August 5, 2008)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Single
Label: The Gentry Joint
1. Introduction
2. Smile into Laughter
3. Aloha Laughter
4. Yoga Breath with Sigh
5. Santa Laughter
6. Sneezing Laughter
7. Fake Laughter
8. Animals Laughter
9. Yoga Breath with Laugh
10. Wide Mouth Laughter
11. Enthusiastic Chant
12. Flower Breath
13. Crabby Laughter
14. Doggie Breath
15. Humming Laughter
16. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh Your Boat
17. Candle Breath
18. Slow Motion Laughter
19. Evil Laughter
20. Laughing Gas
21. Siren Laughter
22. Yoga Breath with Silly Sound
23. Happy Chant
24. Cell Phone Laughter
25. Yoga Breath with Love
26. Laughter Snacks
27. Silent Laughter
28. Snicker Bubbles
29. Crescendo Laughter
30. Ha Ha Ha Breath
31. Gibberish Talking
32. Gibberish Jokes
33. Yoga Breath with Howl
34. Inhalation Laughter
35. Library Laughter
36. Spicy Soup Laughter
37. Yoga Breath with Plbbbt
38. Laughter Vowels
39. Ticklish Laughter
40. Yoga Breath with Wiggle
41. Roller Coaster Laughter
42. Teeth Wired Shut Laughter
43. Nose Hold Laughter
44. Amazing Chant
45. Tickled Children
46. Bonus Laugh
47. Affirmations
48.  Farewell