Laughter Blasters – (Digital Download)

Written by Laughing Laura, Laughman

Retail: $8.99
ISBN: 700261388304
Dimensions: 1 CD

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Cadres of enthusiastic laughers from around the globe have joined forces to bring you this unique collection of zealously blasted laughter. It features Laughing Laura, a giggling mover and shaker in the world of therapeutic laughter, and The Laugh Man, Doug Collins who’s been hailed as the man with the most contagious laugh in the world.

Collins’runaway YouTube hit “Dad at Comedy Barn” was played on Good Morning America and to date has more than twenty-four million views.

These two are joined by a host of other talented laughers and a laughing jazz trumpeter. Recorded in part in the legendary Sun Studio of Memphis, Tennessee, the contagious peals of fall-to-the-floor laughter will lift you every time you listen.