Life in Amana: Reporters’ Views of the Communal Way, 1867-1935

Written by Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret

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ISBN: 9781572160507
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Pages: 192

An enlightening, instructive collection of articles written by journalists between 1867 and 1935 on their perceptions of the Amana colonies. Furthermore, the newspaper stories demonstrated that from an early date communal Amana was a popular new subject, not an isolated unknown, and provide many examples of how the community opened itself to outsiders. “A bit of Europe in America, a voice out of the past on the world’s western frontier, this unique community stands as the nearest approach in our day to the Utopian’s dream of a community of men and women living together in peace, plenty, and happiness, away from the world and its many distractions. But the communism of Amana is not a dream: it is a fact—an established order of life.” Historical photographs and articles document the Amana community.  Second Edition now available. 6/16/2011