Stockholm Series II: Children of Their City

Written by Per Anders Fogelstrom, Jennifer Baverstam, translator

Retail: $21.95
ISBN: 9781932043488
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: 376

Second in the Stockholm Series by Per Anders Fogelström.

Fogelström’s Stockholm Series is a quintet of novels about the intertwined stories of a city and of a family from the late nineteenth through twentieth century. This volume, Children of Their City, focuses on the experiences and diverging destinies of the children of Henning Nilsson, the principal character of the series’ first book, City of My Dreams.

The research behind and within Fogelström’s series is prodigiously detailed. He provides meticulous descriptions of landscape, weather, rooms, streets, factories, cafes, bars, and emerging landmarks; he knows and understands the historical events, issues, politics of the period.