Swedish Cakes

Written by Jan Hedh

Retail: $24.95 Hardback
ISBN: 9781620870990
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: 240

This cookbook presents fifty-eight spectacular cake recipes from master confectioner and baker Jan Hedh.

Hedh shows the secrets behind his spectacular creations: the different types of batters and frosting, the best techniques for constructing layer cakes, and how to make professional-looking decorations. The recipes include full-color photographs by Charlotte Gawell.

Recipes includes ones for these cakes: English wedding, strawberry and rhubarb Charlotte, princess, French nougat, sacher, French mocha, marbled chocolate mousse, schwarzwald, raspberry, Swedish meringue, mango mousse with raspberries, Sicilian chocolate mousse, praline, blueberry and yogurt, almond, margaretha, apple meringue, apple and chiboust cake, hazelnut toffee, Irish coffee, Charlotte forestier, and more.