The Three Snow Bears

Written by Jan Brett

Retail: $16.99
ISBN: 9780399247927
Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 9 inches
Pages: 32

Board Book also available $8.99
Aloo-ki glances up from fishing and sees her sled dogs floating off on an ice floe. She races after them and comes upon an igloo. Being a curious girl, she goes inside only to find no one home. That’s because the polar bear family who lives there is out walking while their breakfast cools off. Aloo-ki eats some soup, tries on their boots, and finally crawls into the smallest bed for a nap. Meanwhile, Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear see her dogs adrift, swim out to rescue them and return home to find Aloo-ki fast asleep in Baby Bear’s bed.

Jan traveled to the far North to meet the Inuit people and see the amazing land where they live. Dramatic illustrations capture the shimmering ice, snow and deep blue seas of the Arctic, and when Jan adds a raven-haired Inuit girl and her appealing huskies, an endearing family of polar bears, and playful Arctic animals in the borders, the result is one of her most beautiful picture books with dramatic illustrations.

Jan Brett traveled to Iqualuit, capital of the Nunavut Territory in northern Canada, to meet the Inuit people. This charming book on Arctic animals is the result of her visit.