What’s in the Rommegrot?! (landscape paperback version)

Written by Carol Hagen

Retail: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1572161245
Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 inches
Pages: 32

There are three different sized versions of this book available: a square paperback version, a landscape paperback version, and a landscape hardback version. This entry is for the landscape paperback version.

What’s in the Rømmegrøt?! is a sweet read-aloud illustrated book for children ages 3–9.

Even Grandma makes mistakes, learns young Ella as she excitedly joins her Grandmother in preparing a traditional family recipe. When things go awry, young Ella saves the day—and the rømmegrøt!

Watercolor illustrations bring to life the intergenerational love between the two characters and provide a fresh, vibrant palette for this winter-themed story. Nordic icons hint at their cultural heritage, with facial expressions and movement—including that of a recurring “extra”—taking center stage.

A recipe for rømmegrøt is included and a coloring page invites budding rosemalers to try their hand at this traditional Norwegian folk art.

Carol Hagen is a retired social worker and third-generation Norwegian-American. This is her first children’s book, inspired by a real happening! Kari Vick is an artist affiliated with Sivertson Gallery in northern Minnesota; this is her fifth illustrated children’s book.